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Nov 19, 2009 6:00pm EST
with katie couric will have much more on the raids and the indictments coming up tonight at 6:30. >>> now to a consumer alert. the computer glitch, weather, overbooking. they can all impact your area travel. so now here are some tips from the independent travelers before you take off. you can see a problem like today if this happens, the airlines will try to rebook you. but remember the delays, they are really out of their hands. in case of a bad weather, the airlines will also try to get you on another flight that they may even refund your tickets. but they do not have to pay you for any food or lodging. compensation is only required by law if you're involuntary bumped from a flight that is oversold. >>> to find more air travel survival tips, go to and click on living smart. >>> all right, they are keeping their eyes on the roads and there is an accident on i-270. >> yes, that's right. a german town, 270 going northbound and delays are back up all the way past montgomery village at this point. if you're traveling this way headed home, it'll be slow. let's head over there to sou
Nov 27, 2009 6:00pm EST
lives with a true to life high school musical. tonight on the cbs evening news with katie couric. decisions, decisions. which beneful prepared meal tonight? roasted chicken recipe? okay, savory rice and lamb stew. [ barks ] you're right. tonight is a beef stew kind of night. you've made another fine choice. look at those beefy chunks all packed with protein, the real vitamin-rich vegetables, the wholesome grains. and you think you're getting spoiled. it's so good for you too. [ announcer ] beneful prepared meals. another healthful, flavorful beneful. >>> how about high-tech help to ease shopping headaches this season. if you have an iphone try the red laser application. for 1.99 it lets you scan the bar code of any item in any store using the camera. and then they compare the price with other retailers. >> is that an app you would use? >> definitely. i would use that. it saves time. especially now. you want to get to a store, get what you heed need and leave as soon as possible and if you get the best deal that's perfect. >> kristin fisher will look at other smart phone applicati
Nov 5, 2009 6:00pm EST
by many new sources asthma jr. ma -- sources as major ma league hasan -- malik hasan nadal. katie couric will have much more on the story and the shootings on the cbs evening news coming up at 6:30. >>> now to another story, we're learning more about the 15-year-old boy suspected of a series of sexual assaults in virginia. ar man doe is live -- armando troy is live with this. >> reporter: those five assaults happened within walking distance at a town home you see behind me. we spend all afternoon speaking to neighbors, classmates of the 50-year-old suspect who two days ago was arrested right here because police belief he was the one assaulting all of these women. classmates of the ninth grader at stone wall jackson high school are in shocked. >> did he ever get in trouble at the school? >> not big things, just little small things. >> like what? >> like little detentions for chewing gum in class and annoying people. that's about it. >> to know he was allegedly arrested for attacking five women? >> that's crazy. >> the the suspect's mother says it's pretty dramatic. >> what was she screami
Nov 6, 2009 6:00pm EST
bunle up. that's it for us on 9 news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next with the latest on the investigation in though ft. hood shooting. derek will continue the coverage coming up on the area's only local newscast at 7:00 and don't forget, is always on. have a great weekend.
Nov 18, 2009 6:00pm EST
. temperatures near 60. >> all right, thank it for us on 9news now at 6:00. the cbs evening news with katie couric is next. derrick will see you at 7:00 for the area's only local newscast and don't forget, is always on
Nov 24, 2009 6:00pm EST
for the coverage. that's all for 9news now at six. cbs evening news with katie couric is next. join derek for the area's only lone
Search Results 0 to 5 of about 6